Finalrentals Launches in Antigua

The Antigua franchise will operate in full swing and will serve across Antigua and Barbuda, including all major tourist destinations and main international airports.

Photo: Finalrentals

Finalrentals announced in a statement a new location in Antigua, expanding its franchise and affiliate program in the Caribbean by further expanding its network by going live in Antigua. The franchise has been secured by Antigua car rental operator Chase Car Rentals.

“Under the strong leadership of Elwin Chase, Chase Car Rentals is all set for a next level growth as a Finalrentals Antigua franchisee and we are looking forward to working with the incredible team with the ambition to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Ammar Akhtar, founder and CEO of Finalrentals in the statement.

“Finalrentals is growing very fast in the Caribbean as well as the U.S. and is already a well-known global brand, and there was absolutely no doubt to become a Finalrentals franchisee in Antigua,” added Elwin Chase, owner Chase Car Rentals. 

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