EVs may be affected by towing caravans and trailers

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Road specialists at Carwow have warned towing caravans could have an “impact” on some electric vehicles braking systems. In certain situations, this could “overwhelm the electrical system” of the vehicle.

They said: “Towing could also impact an EV’s regenerative braking system.

“This converts kinetic energy from slowing down into electricity for the batteries.

“The added weight of a caravan could produce too much kinetic energy and overwhelm the electrical system.”

The warning was echoed by the RAC which also stressed towing could have an impact on vehicles.

The experts at RAC said towing a trailer could have an “unwanted effect on a vehicle” if motorists are “unprepared”.

Electric car owners must ensure their vehicle is homologated for towing before using a caravan or trailer.

The RAC added that motorists should never “ignore the rules” and make sure that their cars have been properly approved.

They said: “There’s also concern around what happens during slowing down in an electric vehicle.

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“Most feature regenerative braking that, to put it simply, converts kinetic energy and pumps it back into the battery when you’re slowing down.

“Just lifting off the accelerator pedal in some electric vehicles creates a braking effect, and that could have an unwanted effect on a trailer if you’re unprepared.

“An excess of kinetic energy created by the car and trailer together also has potential to damage the powertrain.

“If you own an electric car that hasn’t been type-approved for towing, don’t ignore the rules and go ahead anyway.”

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Autocar has also warned the “complex regenerative braking system is also a limiting factor” when towing.

They warned there was a risk it could be “overloaded” with the extra kinetic energy of a heavier trailer.

They warn this is an extra risk particularly on “steep descents”.

They added: “Of course, many EVs allow you to disengage the regenerative braking.

“But while this might save the motor, it would put immense strain on the friction braking system.”

Experts at Carwow, however, stressed that there are several EVs on the maket for those desperate to tow caravans and trailers.

These included the BMW iX, Mercedes EQS and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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