Europe: Toyota Sold Its 3 Millionth Hybrid, Not Many Plug-Ins

Plug-in hybrid sales in the first half of the year did not even cross 1,000.

Toyota group (including Lexus) in July reached a significant milestone of 3 million hybrid car sales in Europe (it is at 15 million globally) since the Prius was introduced in 2000.

The Japanese company is truly a hybrid tycoon. In Europe in particular some 51% of Toyota group sales were hybrids in the first half of 2020 (63% in Western Europe).

Having high hybrid sales means that Toyota can stay basically immune to stricter CO2 emission requirements in Europe, and wait longer to introduce volume plug-in hybrid or all-electric models.

This is why we see only one rechargeable model: Toyota Prius Prime (aka Prius Plug-In) with sales of just 989 in the first half of 2020 (0.25% of all).

The “future” of cars – the hydrogen fuel cell model Toyota Mirai – is an order of magnitude behind the Prius PHEV at 111 units.

Soon, Europe will get the Toyota RAV4 Prime, but initially, it will not be available in volume. Interestingly, consumers will be able to opt for the Suzuki Across PHEV version.

The other new model will be the all-electric Lexus UX 300e, which hopefully will lower Lexus’ hybrid share from 99% in Western Europe (as we would like to see more percent for BEVs).

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