Europe: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Almost Doubled In June 2020

We have a new all-time monthly record.

In June, Europe delivered a new plug-in electric car sales record, despite the overall automotive market going south (down 24% year-over-year) because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to EV Sales Blog, nearly 93,000 new passenger plug-in cars were registered, which is 95% more than a year ago, and a new all-time record!

Clearly, the plug-in segment got a serious boost with the new incentives in some big markets like Germany and France.

The market share has improved to 8.2% (including 4.4% BEVs), which is about one in 12 new cars!

The total number of registrations in the first half of 2020 increased to over 401,000 (at 7.9% market share) and heads to even more new records of all types (monthly, annual, market share) in the coming months.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – June 2020

The most popular models

Because of the record performance of Renault ZOE (10,342), the French subcompact city EV has strengthened to #1, ahead of Tesla Model 3 (7,224).

Renault ZOE (2020)

Tesla Model 3

The third best-selling model was surprisingly the Ford Kuga PHEV (Ford Escape PHEV in the U.S.) with 3,684 new registrations – that is more than Ford’s total results in the previous six years (2013-2019)!

Then we see Volkswagen e-Golf (3,037) and – another surprise – Volvo XC40 PHEV (2,962).

Overall, multiple models have set their personal best monthly records, including 1,054 Porsche Taycan, 2,745 Hyundai Kona Electric and 2,342 Kia Niro EV (e-Niro), as well as 1,850 Volkswagen e-up!

Top 20 YTD:

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