E10 fuel will ‘eat away’ at some rubber fuel hoses – Drivers urged to ‘look at the spec’

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Ray’s Garage has warned two visually identical fuel hoses could react completely differently to E10 petrol which could leave some vehicles suffering damage. They warned drivers couldn’t just get away with asking for a “high-pressure fuel line” to make their car E10 compatible.

Instead, drivers need to “look at the spec” of the hose to determine whether the vehicle is at a higher risk of becoming damaged.

He said: “Fuel lines are rubber compounds, they are different depending on what spec you get.

“I’ve seen people say ‘just buy modern high-pressure fuel lines and it will be fine’.

“The thinking there is it’s modern and designed to work with all sorts of fuels.

“Yes and no. It really depends on the spec.”

“If you just call up a place and ask for a high-pressure fuel line thinking it will be fine, the use of high pressure is irrelevant.

“This is what you need, the SAE rating.

“SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, they have this J30 R6 or J30 R7 so really just look at the R number.

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“If you look at the spec you can go to the manufacturer’s website and have a look at what R6 is good for, it’s good for E5. R7 is good for E10.

“So that’s why even though [the R6 line] is a brand new high-pressure fuel line I wouldn’t use this.”

He added: “While you can drain your fuel tank or put some fuel stabiliser in it, the fuel lines are affected by the composition of fuel going through them from the inside.

“E10 will eat away more at R6 than it will R7.

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