E10 fuel changes leading to ‘loss of power in lower gears’ as drivers go back to E5 petrol

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Since its introduction in September, drivers have reported many problems including lower mileage and spluttering engines. E10 petrol replaced E5 as the standard for unleaded fuel, although many drivers have since said they may return to E5 despite the extra cost per litre.

Express.co.uk reader, Car Guru, claimed: “The 10 percent ethanol simply dilutes the petrol down to 90 percent petrol and 10 percent ethanol.

“However, as ethanol contains far less energy than petrol, you will use more fuel to get the same power output, or get less power to maintain the economy of pure petrol.

“Yes, it is ‘greener’ but you will use more of it, FACT. An engine will typically lose three percent power and three percent mpg if designed to use it.

“Older cars, and that’s not OLD cars, but many over 15 years old, do not have components able to withstand the chemical attack of the ethanol, such as fuel pipes and hoses, gaskets, seals and metal fuel tanks.

“The fuel does not “keep” well either as it absorbs water vapour.

“Don’t forget your chainsaws, motorcycles, mowers etc, almost all of which cannot use it regularly.

“I will not advertise, so a search on the net will show additives that you can use to protect those older engines, similar to what was necessary when we lost four-star leaded fuel.”

Another commenter, DDKindleVilleUK, said: “I’ve got no comparison having switched from a diesel with excellent mileage to a new hybrid petrol car.

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“I’ve noticed how fast the gauge clicks down & mentioned it to my husband.

“I think we’re getting ripped off on this E10.

“No way is my foot that heavy. It’s a con.”

A third commenter, CommonSenseAndReason, bashed the switch to E10 from E5.

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