Drivers warned of TikTok windscreen defrosting hack using carrier bag

Driving tip: How to defrost your windscreen

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Drivers have been searching for many different ways to combat the harsh winter weather the UK has seen in recent weeks, especially when it comes to preheating their car. With some areas of the UK seeing temperatures as low as -15 degrees, experts have been sharing advice on which methods are safe to use to clear frost and ice.

One clip, in particular, has gone viral, in which a driver shows an easy way to remove frost, but not everyone is convinced.

The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, more than 62,000 likes and has been shared by almost 2,700 people in just three days.

In the video, the user “ronidoggies5” outlines a tip they had previously seen on TikTok which claimed to clear ice and frost in seconds.

It shows the driver with a carrier bag filled with presumably warm or boiling water and dragging it over the windscreen, removing the frost.

As the motorist begins clearing the frost, they said: “If this doesn’t work, I’m going to be peeved off.”

They added that during the last few days of freezing temperatures, they had been outside scraping the windscreen.

They continued: “The past few days, I’ve been out here scraping. This does work. 

“Thank you TikTok. I had all smears yesterday [when scraping the windscreen], still had trouble seeing.”

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Finishing the video, the driver panned to show the windscreen clear of frost, adding that “even the dog is impressed”.

The comments were as surprised as the driver, with some saying that TikTok teaches them something new every day.

Another person who tested the technique, said: “I did this yesterday at 5am. I was so relieved it worked.”

However, Graham Conway, Managing Director of Select Car Leasing, warned drivers against using such TikTok hacks when clearing their windscreen.

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In recent days, drivers across the UK have seen a cold snap which has brought freezing temperatures, ice and snow across much of the country.

With many looking to clear their windscreen in the morning, some have taken to social media to share their own tips.

Mr Conway said: “Putting warm water – as opposed to boiling hot water – into a sandwich bag before sealing it and dragging the bag slowly across the face of the window is a relatively safe hack. 

“But if you make the mistake of using red-hot water, you’re asking for trouble. 

“Just like pouring boiling water directly onto a windscreen, the rapid change in extreme temperatures could cause the glass to crack.”

He added that there is also a danger that when clearing frost or ice, people will use the wrong type of bag.

Graham warned: “A sandwich bag is smooth, soft and pliable, and is unlikely to scratch the windscreen’s glass. 

“But using something like a more robust ‘bag for life’, one with sharp edges on the bottom, is not to be recommended, as you could end up scarring the windscreen and causing long-term damage to the glass.”

Mr Conway says motorists should always reach for regular spray-on de-icer as the first port of call. 

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