Drivers warned of the most obscure driving laws around the world

New DVLA rules and driving laws coming in 2022

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Holiday car rental experts at have warned drivers about surprising laws that road users may need to know when travelling this autumn. Some of these laws include being able to turn on a red light and giving way to camels on the road.

Others range from being able to drive without insurance and being fined for failing to lock the car. 

A spokesperson for said: “It’s very easy for people to forget that different countries may have uncommon rules when it comes to the road.

“Driving laws vary across the globe, you can be fined for not locking your car in most of Australia and it’s a good idea to honk when passing Prince Edward Island in Canada.

“Some of the rules can be perceived as common knowledge, but other laws may come across as quite unusual for road users.”

Here are six unique driving laws from around the world:

South Africa: No need for insurance

While it’s one of the biggest driving laws in the UK, road users in South Africa don’t need to purchase insurance when driving a car.

However, many advise drivers to get one in case of an accident for extra protection and peace of mind.  

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Dubai: Camels come first

In the UAE, camels are referred to as symbols of great importance and are highly respected in traffic laws.

If a camel is spotted on the road, drivers should always give them the right of way.

US: Drivers can turn right on a red light if the road is clear

Even though drivers don’t have the right of way, most US cities allow drivers to turn right on a red light if there are no other vehicles around.

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However, this rule does not apply to New York City, as it’s banned unless stated otherwise on a road sign.

This driving rule can save lots of wasted time for travellers in the US.

Canada: Drivers must honk when passing Prince Edward Island

It’s one of the most famous laws about Prince Edward Island. It’s very unlikely drivers will get charged for not honking, but it’s always best to say safe and press the horn when passing another vehicle.

India: Drivers can’t drive without a pollution control certificate

To help reduce the impact of air pollution, drivers in India must have a pollution control certificate.

The document must show that a vehicle is environmentally safe to drive. If drivers don’t provide the certificate, it could lead to a hefty fine.

Australia: Fines for not locking car 

In most parts of Australia, it is legally an offence to leave the car unlocked. It’s vital for drivers to triple check the car is locked before heading into places such as the supermarket.

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