Drivers in this town set to face massive 46 mile diversion for one 700 metre road closure

Motorists in Langport near Somerset will face the hefty diversion for the 700 metre road closure which is estimated to take over an hour to reach the other side of the road. A stretch of the A372 at Aller near Langport will be closed while resurfacing work is carried out on the tarmac. 


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Local residents are set for one week of disruption with the road scheduled to be closed between August 25 and September 2. 

Travel Somerset roadworks website says the road restrictions will be in place 24 hours a day which could cause chaos for some. 

The diversion will see motorosts sent in a giant circle to reach the other side of the road in a journey estimated to take one hour and eight minutes. 

Vehicles usually take just 50 seconds to travel down the road to reach the other side. 

The official diversion will see drivers join the A361 before joining the A38 travelling into Taunton. 

Motorists will then join the A358 through the town before heading past Helande, West Hyarch and Ashill before joining the A303. 

Drivers will eventually rejoin the A372 travelling through Long Sutton before taking the B3153 and the A372 back into Aller and the affected road. 

The reason for the giant diversion is because the closure is on an A-road and any official alternative route must be the same class of road. 

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There are several ways drivers can unofrfivclaly pass the closure but these roads may not be suitable for some transport. 

Unofficial routes may be tighter and more dangerous than A roads and drivers must take care if they are travelling in some types of vehicle. 

Heavy Goods vehicles and larger machinery should avoid the smaller country lanes which could put drivers at risk. 

The latest diversion is not the first time a length diversion was put into place due to road closures. 


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Just two weeks ago motorists in Yeovil faced a 37 mile diversion to bypass a road closure on the A30. 

The route was closed between 7pm and 6am from Monday June 15 to Friday June 19 but remained open during the day for essential journeys. 

The extended journey saw night drivers forced to travel out of town in a big loop in a journey 900 times longer than usual. 

Another section of road was closed in Langport for two days over December while crews carried out patching works. 

Somerset Council issued a diversion which would take drivers one hour and 11 minutes to complete while taking in sites such as the venue for the Glastonbury Festival. 

The stretch of road would usually take just one minute to travel over as just 0.4miles of road were closed. 

Dorset County Council issued a 41 mile diversion while a small 20 metre section of road was closed in October last year. 

The diversion saw motorists diverted from Godmanstone all the way to Yeovil and Middelemarsh due to the roadworks. 

Estimates of the diverted route compared to the usual journey length revealed the trip was over 3,500 times longer than it should be. 

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