Drivers given urgent MOT warning by the AA as ‘frantic fall’ nears

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Drivers are being warned to book their MOT as soon as possible ahead of what experts predict will be a “frantic fall”.

The alert comes as motorists are set to scramble to make sure their cars are roadworthy before cold weather moves in.

The AA has issued a warning to drivers that waiting until the last possoble moment to book an MOT is not the right way to go, reports Birmingham Live.

Penny Stoolman, managing director of AA Approved Garages, said: “With household budgets stretched, drivers may be tempted to leave repairs on their car until the last possible moment or wait for the MOT to spot faults but with colder, wetter weather due in the coming months leaving blown bulbs, torn tyres and cracked windscreens unrepaired could cause more damage to both the car and the wallet.

“Interestingly, drivers think more vehicles initially fail the MOT than reality.

“Our network of local AA Approved Garages gives customers peace of mind and honesty when it comes to vehicle repairs, so you know what really needs fixing.”

According to AA analysis, 29 per cent of cars, vans and minibuses initially failed their MOT last year, and the garage has warned that the most common reason for failures are defects which can be easily and cheaply spotted and repaired.

MOT data from the 2021/22 financial year found that “lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment” is the top category for MOT defects, having been flagged on almost 3.75 million failed tests.

“Suspension, brakes, tyres and visibility” defects also fall in the top five MOT failures, with repairs needing to be made on millions of vehicles.

The MOT test is an annual inspection that makes sure your vehicle meets the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law.

If your vehicle is more than three years old, you’ll have to get it tested every year.  In some areas of the UK, such as London, taxis and private hire vehicles are required to have two MOT tests a year.

You can check the MOT status of a vehicle on the Government’s website here.

All you will need is the vehicle’s number plate.

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