Driver sparks fierce debate after blocking parking on busy road

Rip Off Britain: Lawyer Gary Rycroft gives tips on parking tickets

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Posting on Mumsnet, the woman questioned whether she was being unreasonable for blocking parking access for cars on a busy road. The driver said that parking at the school has been “hazardous for years”, adding that there is a crossing guard on the main road at the school gates, but not at the side road.

She said parents park on the double yellow lines at the junction of the side road blocking lines of sight for pedestrians and cars trying to turn in and out. 

As a result, she claimed the road gets blocked with cars reversing into the road and back onto the main road.

The concerned motorist added that the school has sent out repeated communication to stop people from parking on the yellow lines.

It has also asked the local authority for bollards which is under consideration but “hasn’t happened yet”.

She added: “I used to collect my child from the gate because of the risks but [the child] wants to be more independent and meet me further away.

“I started asking parents not to park and the junction but have been largely ignored.

“So I have started standing on the edge of the road to prevent people parking and this has been effective.

“Today someone I know signalled to me to move but I smiled and shook my head and they had to park a few metres down the street. They are not happy with me.”

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She then questioned whether she was being unreasonable for blocking access to the road.

Some fellow social media users asked whether the school could take more action, such as putting cones out.

One reader said: “Yes, you are being unreasonable who blocks a road? Teach your kid to walk further down and cross.”

The driver clarified that they are allowing normal traffic to pass, adding that there was enough room to drive past in both directions.

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She was only stopping people from parking on the double yellow lines.

Another user suggested: “I wouldn’t intentionally aggravate people who are already driving irresponsibly where there are lots of young children, to be honest.

“It might be better to start a petition to get the bollards approved sooner.”

A third commenter claimed: “Speak to the head teacher about arranging a traffic warden to visit at morning and afternoon drop off. 

“This happened a few years ago at our local primary. The traffic warden ticketed the whole lot of them and it solved the problem immediately.”

This comes as new data has shown that one in three British motorists have been fined for poor parking.

A quarter of motorists said that they would park unlawfully if they were parking there for a short amount of time.

One in 10 admitted to using their hazard lights as an excuse to park where they want.

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