‘Disruptive’: New parking charges could see small villages in the UK littered with cars

GMB: Piers Morgan hits out at ’shameful’ NHS parking fines

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Under the newly proposed Workplace Parking Levy, businesses situated in the city of Leicester with more than 10 parking spaces would be handed a £550 charge for each employee parking there. This cost could then be passed on to workers. The move has been criticised by many people who see the measure as a “stealth tax” that would increase in-work poverty during a cost of living crisis.

Fears are also growing that counties and villages at the Leicester border could suffer from an influx of drivers attempting to avoid new parking charges, county councillors have said.

A report outlining the concerns warned there could be “over parking” in a number of areas as workers driving into Leicester would leave their cars outside the city to avoid the fines.

The report added that areas around Leicester such as Anstey, Groby, Ratby, Oadby, and Wigston could become unofficial “park and ride” sites, leading to “disruption and congestion for local residents”.

The measure could also adversely affect road safety, the report said.

However, despite the concerns raised by Leicestershire county councillors, the council will not be formally objecting to the plans as it supports the city’s aim to promote greener forms of transport.

Instead, the council will set up a task force to keep an eye on the situation and act to resolve any impacts on the county.

The Leicester City Council website states: “We are investigating the potential introduction of a workplace parking levy for the city to encourage car commuters to consider other modes of transport and to provide a sustained funding source to implement the sustainable transport measures proposed in the draft Leicester Transport Plan.

“The scheme would mean that employers would be charged a levy on commuter car parking spaces.

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“Any workplace parking levy payments received could only be spent on transport improvements.”

Councillors have also expressed concerns about the inclusion of schools and NHS workers in the scheme.

Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Families Councillor Deborah Taylor said: “I am concerned about schools having to pay the car parking levy.

“A school with 100 parking spaces would have to pay the equivalent of two full-time teachers.

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