Custom-Color Tesla Cars Emerge At Tesla Giga Shanghai

Multiple Tesla cars (most likely Model 3) in various custom colors were seen for the very first time at Tesla Giga Shanghai in China in a flyover video recorded by Jason Yang.

We can note pink, a few blue versions, green, turquoise, aquamarine. They are completely different than the narrow list of five basic colors, which Tesla offers (black, white, silver, blue and red).

Here you can enlarge the images and see:

We are not sure if its custom paint or wraps, which appears to be more likely, especially since we read in 2020 that Tesla customers can order custom wraps in China (at least in some local markets).

The second question is whether the exotic colors are applied at the factory or outside?

We carefully examined the video to see that one of the pink cars entered the plant on a single-bed truck (see from 5:13) and it can be seen later in the parking lot (see 6:15).

It would suggest that maybe all the custom-color cars were shipped from an outside facility. They will be grouped with the standard-color cars and sent to the final destination in bigger packs (usually six cars per truck).

Considering Tesla’s focus on vertical integration, we assume that this is all Tesla’s in-house services. We would be glad to learn how much it might cost and whether a similar service is coming to other markets.

In Germany, the company intends to launch a state-of-the-art paint shop and teased some new colors, so we guess that wraps are not the option (at least initially). In the U.S., the Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be stainless steel or wrapped right from the factory.

Here is an op-ed article that tries to imagine how Tesla cars could look in different colors.

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