Cop Car Drag Racing Quad Bike Looks Likes Something You'd See In GTA

For most people, the typical drag strip experience involves some kind of high-profile event featuring nitro-burning race cars of incredible power. Folks who hang out at tracks on a regular basis, however, know there’s a whole wide world of motorized competitors that like to go fast. We’ve seen everything from motorhomes to snowmobiles running on test & tune night, so really, seeing a police car and a quad bike isn’t that bizarre.

That said, it is interesting to see them racing side-by-side. Wheels on YouTube brings us the action from Colorado’s Bandimere Speedway, and that’s an important fact to remember because the track is a mile above sea level. As such, the air is a bit thinner and that means quarter-mile times will be a bit slower than you might expect. You’ll understand why we mention this in a moment.

For now, let’s focus on the police cruiser which is a Ford Explorer from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. It appears to be a full-spec cruiser, though we don’t know what’s under the hood. In the far lane is a quad bike that we also know nothing about, save for a set of slick tires on all four wheels. Trying to beat the cops on a quad bike is nothing new in the video game world of Grand Theft Auto, but despite hitting its top speed well before the finish line, the rider in this real-world challenge actually wins the battle. Wanted level = 0 stars.

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That’s not the end of the quad bike racing action. Race number two is a bit more challenging thanks to the arrival of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Considering the police SUV almost beat the bike, you’re probably expecting the Evo to walk away with a victory but that’s not the case at all. Through the first half of the track, both vehicles are surprisingly well-matched. Only on the big end does the Evo stretch out to a win, turning a 14.6 at 101 mph to the bike’s 16-second run at 70 mph. Yes, that seems quite slow for an Evo, but the soft launch combined with the track’s elevation brings it all into perspective.

The video ends with a quad bike showdown, and with the second bike maxing out at 60 mph, it’s not what you’d call an exciting race. Still, it’s not something you see every day, and we rather like that in our daily dose of petrol.

Source: Wheels via YouTube

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