Chevrolet Updates Silverado EV Specs To Match The GMC Sierra

It appears Chevrolet has updated the specs of its forthcoming electric pickup, the Silverado EV, to match those of the GMC Sierra EV. When it was revealed back in January, Chevy claimed the Silverado EV was capable of producing up to 664 hp. However, if you visit Chevy’s site now a claimed output of 754 hp is displayed. 

Furthermore, torque figures have also been altered. 780 lb.-ft of torque has been updated to 785 lb.-ft. Interestingly, the Silverado EV’s power and torque figures were changed after the GMC Sierra EV was revealed, with both trucks now having matching stats.

The above won’t come as too much of a surprise, after all both trucks share a chassis (and presumably lots of components).

The Silverado EV is slated to arrive in Summer 2024, meanwhile the electric Sierra will launch in “early 2024”. Both trucks have claimed ranges of up to 400 miles. One stat that doesn’t match, at least for now, is max towing capacity. The Silverado can pull up to 10,000 lbs, meanwhile the Sierra manages marginally less at 9,500 lbs.

Pricing for the Silverado EV ranges from $39,900 to $105,000 depending on trim. Meanwhile, the entry-level Sierra EV will start at around $50,000 with the top-trim Denali coming in at $108,695.

Source: Nebula1701 (Twitter)

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