Cairn Cycles Updates The Popular E-Adventure Rambler Electric Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes are an excellent way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to mountain biking and road cycling. They get similar efficient ergonomics as a road bike, but with the added beef to tackle the odd trail or gravel road. It can be argued that gravel bikes get even better when paired with an electric motor. Indeed, more and more manufacturers are releasing e-Gravel bikes, and it’s clear to see why they’re a hit.

Cairn Cycles, a popular e-bike manufacturer for the U.K., has recently updated its popular electric gravel bike, the E-Adventure Limited Rambler Edition, and it’s now better and more capable than ever before. The idea behind the E-Adventure is pretty simple—to get you to places where a car or train simply can’t. To better do this, Cairn has given the bike completely new geometry designed to provide enhanced off-road stability. Those of you who are into mountain biking would know that this means slacker angles, and this is exactly what the new E-Adventure features. The result is a frame that’s less road bike-like, and more XC mountain bike-like.

As for performance, the E-Adventure Rambler is packing a Fazua Ride 50 Street Drivepack which offers one of the most natural-feeling pedal assists on the market. The Ride 50 boasts a decent 58 Nm torque output, making pedal assist modest yet effective, keeping the rider in control of the bike’s power delivery with ease. The Ride 50 Street Drivepack features cooling fins on the sides to manage temps, as well. Furthermore, the bottom bracket gets cadence sensors allowing the motor to fine tune pedal assist according to rider input. As for the battery, the bike gets an Energy 250x power unit, although the manufacturer has not stated range figures.

Complementing this premium powertrain, Cairn Cycles has opted for some of the best equipment in the business for the E-Adventure. We find a shiny new 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar groupset, and a pair of Hunt E-Gravel Disc Wheels. A Range Extension pack is also available as an extra, and it provides riders with the ability to carry extra batteries for longer rides. Another thing worth mentioning is the redesigned frame which is now compatible with suspension forks, allowing you to customize the bike according to your preferences.

Regarding pricing and availability, Cairn Cycles’ new E-Adventure Rambler is on sale for £4,289, or the equivalent of around $5,057 USD. Deliveries are expected to commence as early as December 2022.

Sources: Move Electric, Cairn Cycles

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