Buy this Immaculate 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSH 2.7

Among highly coveted models in Porsche history, the 1973 porsche 911 Carrera RSH 2.7 is among the rarest. Based on the 911 S platform, the Carrera RSH 2.7 was developed by Porsche as part of homologation requirements in the FIA Group 4 GT/Special Sports Car category. To race it, Porsche had to sell it—thus was born the RSH, or RS Homologation.

Among the 1,580 Carrera RS models Porsche produced, 500 sold out after the vehicle debuted at the 1972 Paris Auto Show; later runs found buyers just as quickly. The “regular” Carrera RS featured wider rear fender flares and wheels, an upgraded suspension, larger brakes, and a fiberglass “ducktail” rear spoiler. There were two variants available: Touring and Sport Lightweight. As the name suggests, the Super Lightweight weighed less due to its decreased gauge steel body panels and thinner glass.

The hardcore, even lighter-weight RSH, meanwhile, saw a production run of just 17 units, which paled in comparison to the number of RSR racing models Porsche eventually built (55!).

RM Sotheby’s is currently listing this 1973 Carrera RSH 2. 7 finished in Lightweight Ivory with black upholstery for sale. Fresh off the assembly line, this RSH made its way to America via Porsche dealer and collector Vasek Polak based in Hermosa Beach, California. When the car arrived in Los Angeles, Polak sold it to a buyer in Texas who allegedly defaulted on the loan, resulting in a bank repossession.

Throughout its lifespan, the Carrera RSH 2.7 exchanged hands many times and at one point was acquired by racing driver and convicted felon John Paul Sr. Under the ownership of Oregon Porsche collector and racer Mark Heininge, the RSH received a complete restoration. The laundry list included replacing incorrect ST 2.5-style flares on the front and rear, a new coat of Lightweight Ivory paint, and some interior updates.

The next owner performed a comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical restoration at significant expense. And most recently, several components had to be returned to their original specification, including the chain tensioners, exhaust system, and some chassis and engine hardware. Under the hood, the Carrera RSH comes fitted with a Type 911/83 2.7-liter engine rated at 210 horsepower and 188 lb-ft of torque.

This well-documented RSH now resides in Culver City, California, and has an asking price of $1,550,000. It previously sold (also at RM) for $1.38 million in 2018. Additional items accompanying the car include its correct collapsible spare tire, tools, air compressor, jack, manuals, and certificate of authenticity.

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