British drivers slam E10 while desperately searching for E5

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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It has left many demanding to return to E5 petrol or ethanol-free fuel despite heavier costs.

Express reader ‘djrh1’ said: ”Though it costs more, I use E5 petrol, and I would use ethanol-free petrol if I could get it.”

‘Barley’ said: “If drivers want E5 they should have it rather than a more expensive less efficient fuel.

“The Greens have to invent a better alternative to E5.”

Another reader added: “Instead of £43 a month I’m spending £90, it’s a 1.4 engine, my car feels like it’s heavy to drive.

“I’m looking for E5 garages in my area, just don’t seem to be any.”

‘Backfire’ added: “Just like most ‘green’ measures, E10 seems to be pure political posturing and, actually, counter-productive.”

Another added: “Bought a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid in October ’21.

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“Put a tank full of E10 in on the day we collected the car.

“It did not like the E10, kept shutting down, was very slow to accelerate and even with the electric side running regularly I only got 28mpg – absolute rubbish.

“Have put E5 in and guess what – acceleration better and so far it has given me just under 40mpg.

“Not bad for a 4×4 weighing in excess of 2k kilos.”

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Social media users have also attacked the new compound that was introduced last year.

Twitter user ‘iitz_naz’ said: “I know why I don’t use E10 fuel anymore. E5 all the way”.

E10 fuel was first introduced in a dramatic attempt to reduce vehicle emissions.

It is estimated the new fuel could reduce CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking 350,000 cats off the road.

In a Department for Transport consultation before the launch, nearly half of the respondents were concerned ethanol could damage engines.

Concerns were also raised by a quarter of road users about the risks of reduced fuel economy.

It led the DfT to admit fuel economy rates could be reduced by between one and two percent under the new fuel.

However, the DfT said this could vary based on individual driving style and refinements in fuel blending.

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