Advanced RV Debuts Asteroid Of Happiness Camper That Sleeps 4

At the rear is a platform bed that’s separated from the RV by a privacy curtain. The other bed is on the roof in the pop-up tent, accessible by an interior ladder and hatch. Advanced RV installs RGB light controls up there, too, for added ambiance. The platform bed in the rear sits over a rear garage and storage area. Inside, there’s counter space, an induction stovetop, a coffee maker, a convection microwave, and a fridge and freezer. A high-definition Sonos sound system pumps tunes and other media through the interior.

There’s a dry bathroom with a separate shower room with fans venting to the outside, while a 50-gallon tank supplies the fresh water. There are two 27.5-gallon gray and black water tanks to handle the dirty stuff. There’s an 80-amp-hour lithium battery system that charges through an engine alternator. Advanced RV upgraded the camper’s suspension with custom-tuned Fox shocks and an air suspension system that completely replaces the stock Mercedes rear suspension. The final result is a compact and feature-rich camper that can accommodate four adults, which is impressive.


Advanced RV

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