2024 Ford Mustang: See The Changes Side By Side

Over 58 years after the Ford Mustang’s debut in April 1964, the seventh generation of the iconic American performance car is here. Motor1.com has stories chronicling the debut, the Dark Horse, and the 1980s-inspired instrument display mode. But, what about its new styling?

The best way to understand the seventh-generation Mustang’s design evolution is by comparing it to the outgoing version. The appearance follows the same general shape as the current vehicle, but the designers make changes. Some creases are gone to create a cleaner shape.

In all of the examples below, the new Mustang is on the left, and the previous model is on the right.


The seventh-generation Mustang receives an overhauled nose that’s smoother than the previous model. The creases and two extractors on the hood are gone. The new GT has a trapezoidal outlet in the center. This opening is absent on the EcoBoost version.

The sixth-generation Mustang’s headlights have a circular lamp on each outer edge, which evokes the look of the original pony car from the 1960s. In contrast, the new model has three, small LED lamps on each side. Plus, the turn signals are no longer a separate piece from the rest of the illumination These change creates a less retro-inspired face and makes the vehicle look more modern.

Front Angle

The front three-quarter perspective is the best angle for many vehicles because it provides a chance to see how the front-end styling incorporates into the fenders, roofline, and rear deck. These shots also show some of the biggest changes in the new Mustang’s styling.

Like before, the car’s nose flows into muscular fenders. However, the designers eliminate the crease along the shoulder line and soften the one by the side sills. A sharp line pinches the rear fender flares and makes them visually pop out of the body.

Rear Angle

The Ford designers’ tweaks are most subtle at the back. The designers stick with the familiar three-bar appearance for the taillights, but the section of the rear deck between them is now body color rather than black. Depending on how you spec your Mustang a small wing is available can attach to the rear.


The profile is one of the best angles to see how much cleaner the new Mustang looks. There’s a crease that runs along the shoulder line and another above the rear fender. Also, the overhang at the back looks shorter. Comparatively, the previous car has a more complex design.


A new generation of the Mustang Convertible is also debuting. As you’d expect, the design takes the coupe and deletes the roof. Losing the top accentuates the sharp shape of the rear fenders.


The seventh-generation Mustang’s cabin is a complete departure from the sixth-gen. The steering wheel loses the retro cues from the pair of metallic spokes on the bottom of the old car. There’s a digital instrument panel with multiple display modes. It shares a bezel with the infotainment screen. This change forces the HVAC vents to be lower, and they’re now rectangular, rather than circular.

For a deeper look at the 2024 Ford Mustang, check out our First Look video below:

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