2022 Mercedes Citan Micro Camper Debuts With Kitchenette And A Bed

Despite its compact dimensions, it also has storage space for pots, pans, crockery, and supplies. The Citan Tourer featured here is only a prototype, but the removable module will be offered and customers will get to pick from several colors rather than being limited to this simple black appearance that some might find a bit on the boring side.

VanEssa has also conceived a sleeping system tailored to the new Mercedes Citan Tourer, measuring 115 centimeters wide and 189 centimeters in length. It boasts a high-quality mattress and is large enough for two people. When not in use, it sits in the cargo area above the kitchenette, meaning you can still use the van’s rear seats.

Bear in mind Mercedes is also putting the finishing touches on an upscale version of the Citan that will inaugurate the T-Class moniker. Much like the regular van has spawned a fully electric e-Citan, there’s going to be an EQT already previewed by a namesake concept. It will be interesting to see whether companies specialized in camping accessories will focus on the premium version or stick to the mainstream one.



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