2020 Chengdu Motor Show Explains Why China Is The Global Epicenter for EVs

EVs are soaring in popularity in China, but aside from the EVs you know are popular, there are dozes of others you’ve never heard of.

Despite the fact that most of the world is trying to recover from COVID-19, in China they are already allowing large venues, like the 2020 Chengdu Motor Show, to take place. It ran from July 24 to August 2 and featured an impressive 1,500 cars from various automakers (domestic or otherwise), many of which were plug-in hybrids or electric.

Prospective EV buyers in China already have a vast array of very affordable models to choose from and based on what we’ve seen at the Chengdu motor show, they will be treated to more (and better) electric cars in the near future. Many local manufacturers are already showing their second or even third electric vehicle, and there are plenty of models that seem genuinely credible.

The Fully Charged had its Chinese correspondent attend the motor show and he checked out a selection of interesting new EVs. Most of them you’ve seen mentioned here, if you’re an avid InsideEVs reader with an interest in the global EV market (whose epicenter seems to be in China at the moment), but some will be completely new.

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