Can Malaysian police enter private parking to conduct traffic ops and issue summons? Answer is yes, but… –

A viral video making the rounds on Malaysian social media showing traffic police inside a factory premises issuing summons to parked motorcycles is making the rounds. In the short clip, an unidentified person at a factory motorcycle parking lot in Penang is seen holding several summons in hand, lamenting his bad luck.

From comments on the post, many are asking if such action by police is allowed under the law, and can police enter private parking or property to issue summons? The answer is yes, with one very important caveat, a request must be made by the owner of the premises or person responsible for police to carry out their duties.

This differs from standard police procedure where either a warrant is required to enter the premises under investigation, or police are in pursuit when a serious crime has occurred. In this particular case, police, receiving a written request from the person in charge, can and will conduct traffic police operations typically carried out on public roads.

Offences occurring under this circumstance are usually compoundable, involving ‘fancy’ number plates, illegal modifications and the like. This was related to via our source in JSPT (Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department) Bukit Aman who look great pains to emphasise this is not an isolated incident but goes back over a ten-year period in the area.

“We have previously received requests from private premise owners, and this also includes government departments up to and including the police headquarters in Bukit Aman, to conduct traffic operations. Usually this is for illegal parking and obstructing traffic, and we have issued summons not only to the public but also police personnel,” said our source.

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