Why I unwillingly sold my beloved & well-maintained VW Jetta

It had done only 18,000 km and I recently got a set of new Michelin tyres for it.

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I did not know where else I could share my frustration and sadness of letting go of my Jetta which I had kept in pristine condition with only 18K on the odo and new Michelins. I was hoping in a couple of years could hand over the keys to my teenage son as that is the way I got my 1st car as a young adult.

However, due to the NCR/Diesel ban, I had to let her go as she was being targeted every time I took her out on the road by the NCR cops saying only a few months were left for me to drive it in NCR.

This has made me question the logic of buying and maintaining a new car. I can go on and on but will stop here!

Thank you my white beauty for all the wonderful times. I regret not being able to use it much due to my frequent travels over the past 5 years.


  • Built like a tank
  • TDI engine with amazing highway fuel economy and manners
  • 6-speed manual
  • Very mod friendly
  • Great driving dynamics and excellent brake bite

Here are some farewell pictures

Here’s what BHPian ssjr0498 had to say about the matter:

18k on the odo! Wow! Sorry to hear that you had to let go of this beast.

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