Why I love my Honda Jazz diesel after 7 years of ownership

The 1.5 I-DTEC is a great engine with a punchy mid-range and good low-end pull. It falls short in front of the 1.5 TDCI of the Figo.

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This post is about my 7 year old Honda Jazz diesel’s driving experience.

The 1.5L I-DTEC CRDI turbo diesel, uses a Fixed-Geometry Turbo from Honeywell, produces 100 BHP at 3,600 RPM and 200 NM at 1,750 RPM.

Let’s get over with this engine’s biggest issue right away. It’s pretty loud and clattery. It sounds worse than many diesel engines and has a very clattery feel to it. That is because it uses an aluminum engine block, that won’t absorb sound as good as iron does.

Since my Jazz diesel V weighs a modest 1,145 kgs, the performance is actually pretty fricking great.

Despite it using a Fixed-Geometry Turbine, the low-end pull is great. Perhaps because of a relatively smaller turbine and a greater engine displacement. Compared to a DDIS 190, that is much smaller by displacement and doesn’t have a great low-end pull because of small 1.25 li displacement and more or less the same turbine size.

The engine is very, very drivable and usable torque starts flowing right from 1400 RPM or so. The engine is tuned in such a way that the surge of torque doesn’t feel as sudden as felt in other traditional turbo diesels, like for example in 1.3 MultiJet engine.

There is a considerable step-up of power at the 1500-1700 RPM mark and from there on, the engine pulls strongly and cleanly all the way up until 3800 RPM. This engine feels good in the low-end and very good in the mid-range and dead in the top-end, because it doesn’t have any, as the engine redlines at 4,200 RPM. But I wouldn’t worry about that.

Since the engine is tuned in the manner of a linear torque curve, peak torque starts from 1500-1700 RPM mark and it holds on to the peak torque up until the fat power band of almost 3,600 RPM, after which the torque starts to drop.

And that’s the beauty of this engine. Any gear at almost any speed, you can floor the throttle and get a punchy response with the engine feeling surprisingly free-revving.

When I compare it with my S-Cross 1.6, the power-delivery is distinctively apparent. The 1.6 is not able to hold it’s peak torque for even like 500 RPMs, where the I-DTEC does for almost 2000 RPMs. Having said that, the 1.6 is obviously 2 notches above when it comes to punchiness and the way the engine picks up speeds. However, the 1.5 I-DTEC feels much, much more drivable and free-revving than the 1.6 MultiJet.

Here are some timing-related details that I tested:

  • 0-100 (launching at almost 1600 RPM) – almost 12s
  • 20-80 (in 3rd gear) – almost 12s
  • 40-100 (in 4th gear) – almost 15s

TLDR: The 1.5 I-DTEC is a great engine with a punchy mid-range and good low-end pull. It falls short in front of the 1.5 TDCI of Figo. The power-delivery is very linear and the surge of torque is smooth.

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