Volkswagen US Sales Fall Precipitously, Predictably

With a global pandemic and low job numbers, it was never going to be good. But the numbers for the second quarter of 2020 are in. Sales of Volkswagens have, predictably, fallen to a little more than three quarters of what they were last year in the US.

Volkswagen sold just over 145,000 vehicles in total in the first half of 2020, down from just under 185,000 vehicles in 2019. That’s a decrease of 22% for the year so far, but the decrease was more pronounced between April and June, though, sales were down almost 30%.

The most meaningful drops came from the Atlas and Jetta. The SUV’s sales were down 56% in Q2 and the Jetta’s were down 38%. Together, they account for more than 22,000 lost sales, a whopping 76% of the total sales lost for Q2.

That doesn’t take into account sales of the new Atlas Cross Sport, of which about 6,700 sold. Considered together, Atlas sales only dropped 25%.

Tiguan sales were also down, but the smaller SUV’s smaller price may have prevented losses from being as bad. The top seller kept its crown in the VW line-up with more than 25,000 sold, but that still marked a drop of 17%.

Golf sales kept sliding, though sales of the GTI still outnumbered the TSI and the Arteon. Despite that, though, sales of the Arteon did rise compared to last year, from 598 to 797.

Despite the troubles, or perhaps as a result of them, SUVs continued to take a larger role in the line-up. In Q2, 60% of the VWs sold were SUVs, a record high for the brand. Mind you, they introduce a new SUV.

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