Vitara Brezza gets a stage1 custom remap: Observations from the highway

The SUV returned an average fuel efficiency of 16-17 km/l on the highway as against 15 km/l previously.

BHPian gururajrv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had the opportunity to take the car out on the highway and this time back to my native, Mysore! The car performed a lot better than it did prior to remap which was very much expected. What surprised me was how it delivered that performance in a linear but strong manner throughout. Never did I feel anywhere during the drive I had to keep working on gears. While the highway was influenced by letting the car stretch its legs well, remap has transformed the car well. I was doing a lot of respectable speeds throughout and overtakes was a breeze! It was effortless, to say the least.

I don’t think I’ll need more power at the moment after the Stage 1+ custom remaps. If at all I do think of adding more, it’ll be a luxury than a necessity at this point. So I’ll let it sail until I’ll get too bored again with it.

Joe @ Wolf Remap also advised a Stage 2 should make the car more lively but would certainly compromise a bit on the low end when I go for a downpipe, which will be a compromise for me as well since I drive a lot inside the city. So, I’m better off with Stage 1+ custom right now. Stage 2 focuses more on the strong mid and top end is what Joe confirmed. I will cautiously evaluate whenever I get bored with the current setup.

As for the economy/average after the remap, I’m quoting my post herewith for the observations made so far:

I do not think I’ll have many updates on this workhorse unless I plan to meddle with it either cosmetically / mechanically. Got some rolling shots from a friend during my visit to Mysore. Signing off with the odo and a rolling shot picture.

Until next time – stay safe and happy motoring!

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