Upgraded the headlight bulbs on my preowned Maruti Swift VXi

When I let my friend drive the way back to Manipal at night, he immediately found it difficult with the 55/60w bulbs and said I need to upgrade them ASAP.

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February 2021

Headlight bulb upgrade to 90W/100W

Had to drive to Kannur Airport to pick up my dad and this was the first long drive with the Swift, I had taken my dear friend too along with me for company as parents were not comfortable with me driving alone. We left around 2 PM and reached Kannur Airport around 8 PM. It was was a great drive which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On the way back we stopped for dinner and I let my friend drive the way back to Manipal. He immediately found it difficult with the 55/60w bulbs and said I need to upgrade them ASAP as night drives were very difficult. The windshield moreover had hard water stains/residue which made night driving very difficult with oncoming cars on high beam.

The very next day when we reached back to Manipal, I did a thorough research if it is safe to upgrade to 90/100W bulbs on the Swift. Having read few threads were the reflectors got burnt after upgrading the bulbs scared me a bit, But my uncle’s 2011 Swift was running on 90/100W with no issues at all since years. My uncle’s WagonR was running 90/100W setup with Philips bulbs and Philips headlight relay, but one day when I was driving, the relay just gave up and the fuses melted. I really don’t know what happened or what caused it but I expected better life from Philips headlight relay but I was let down.

Browsed Amazon and other websites for a day and finally decided to get the headlight relay which was of made by Vaishnu Auto Lighting Solutions. It had great feedback and customer support. IIRC I paid about ₹944 and ordered Osram Rallye 62204 90/100W bulbs for ₹300. After placing the order on Amazon, I was contacted by Vaishnu customer care, to notify them if I face any issues during installation or needed help.

The headlight relay kit was made with great material, Ceramic H4 Connectors and all the wires were of Finolex make.

Dad and me installed it ourselves and did a test at night to see its output . We compared it with my uncle’s WagonR which was running 55/60W lights and the light output was an improvement over the previous setup. Anyways I am keeping a close watch on the reflectors to see if any issue crops, so far all good. We noticed an immediate improvement and ease in night drives.

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