Team-BHP’s Audi A8L Review is live!

Read Team-BHP’s definitive Audi A8L Review.

What you’ll like:

  • Massive size and unmistakable Audi styling
  • Futuristic interiors. Packed with technology & 23-speaker Bang and Olufsen ICE
  • Luxurious rear seat. Has a foot massager too!
  • Fast V6 turbo-petrol; 335 horses on tap
  • AWD gives it phenomenal grip, whether on dry tarmac or wet
  • Feels smaller than it is while driving. Fun to drive on the open road
  • Safety kit includes 10 airbags & a plethora of driving aids

What you won’t:

  • Simply overpriced. CBU pricing places it higher than the S-Class & 7-Series
  • Diesel option is sadly unavailable. The other Germans offer 6-cylinder diesels
  • While the air suspension is competent, it doesn’t have that “[I]magical ride[/I]” of the S-Class
  • A 4-seater (not 5) due to the individual seats at the rear
  • Many controls feel the same as the cheaper Audis
  • Understated looks. Most people spending this kind of money want more attention to go with it

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