Tata launches Fleet Edge digital fleet management platform

Tata Motors has introduced its next generation connected vehicle solution for CV fleet management called Fleet Edge.

According to the company, Fleet Edge can process large amounts of data generated by the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and offers real-time insights for track and trace, vehicle health, driving behaviour, real-time efficiency, and fuel loss alert. Customers will also be able to track the due date of the important vehicle documents.

Fleet Edge is available with the entire M&HCV BS6 range of Tata Motors trucks and buses and select range of I&LCV and SCV models. The trucks come with in-built embedded SIM, an AIS 140 compliant TCU, which has safety and security function like emergency buttons and vehicle location tracking communication to Government authorised backend servers. The system also monitors unauthorised vehicle movement and determines the exact location of the vehicle on a map.

Fleet Edge can be accessed using a smartphone app on a real-time basis.

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