Speeding Proton Wira driving against traffic on Federal Highway at 2am today causes big head-on accident – paultan.org

There was a big accident on the Federal Highway at 2am yesterday, reported by Twitter user Ceddy. The aftermath shows a damaged Proton Wira on the right lane of the highway and a wrecked Honda City on the left lane, the latter with significant damage on its front right side.

The post did not mention where exactly the crash happened, but the building on the left looks a lot like Menara Celcom in PJ, just before one passes Hilton PJ, Shah Alam-bound.

Ceddy later replied the thread to say that others DMed him to inform that the Wira was speeding and driving against traffic, which makes the Honda City an innocent victim. Twitter users Amrfz. and toxic apek say they passed the crazy Wira earlier, with the latter adding that he nearly crashed into the Proton but was “saved by a Myvi from the opposite direction who kept flashing his lights”.

Bad car crash on Federal Highway at 2AM! We didn’t slow down because we’ve never seen accidents before but because there are broken glasses on the road!!

Not sure if there’s any casualty but praying for everyone involved. ???????? pic.twitter.com/cvfc3lvQ20

— Ceddy (@CeddyOrNot) July 3, 2022

The same Twitter user added that the Wira driver died on the scene but the City driver survived and was rushed to hospital. We hope that he/she makes it with minimal injuries. The impact must have been quite big for the two cars to land so far apart.

This incident is crazy, but cases of cars driving against traffic has been happening quite often of late? Or has it always been always this common but unreported?

In any case, it’s impossible to defend against a speeding missile heading towards you on a highway, if you’re on track for a head-on. We can’t do anything to avoid this other to, well, avoid it. Be alert at all times, like the guy above who dodged the Wira because he was aware of the warning by another motorist. If your mind is away and you’re driving on “autopilot”, you’ll react slower to unexpected hazards. Be safe.

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