Selangor offers 20 buses to assist commuters affected by closure of 16 stations on LRT Kelana Jaya Line –

The Selangor state government is offering to deploy 20 Smart Selangor buses to assist in ferrying commuters affected by the closure of 16 stations on the LRT Kelana Jaya Line, which is from today till November 15.

“In order to help affected users commute to and from work due to operational disruptions and an insufficient number of buses, the government is in talks with RapidKL to use Smart Selangor buses from tomorrow. Ng Sze Han, as the state transportation exco, will represent Selangor in matters of coordination with Rapid KL,” chief minister Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari told the media in Shah Alam today, reported by Malay Mail.

Amiruddin said that Selangor was ready to deploy more buses if needed, and that the temporary loss of 20 buses would not interrupt existing Smart Selangor services as they were being used as backups. “If there are other needs, we can reorganise and rework the plan again,” he said, adding that approval will be sought from the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) as it authorises bus routes.

Following issues with the KJ Line’s Automatic Train Control (ATC) system that started on November 5, and overnight repair sessions to minimise service disruption failing to solve the unprecedented problem, Rapid KL decided to suspend the affected part of the line (16 stations from Kelana Jaya to Ampang Park) for a week, banking on a permanent fix. Foreign experts from supplier Thales are currently on the way to Malaysia to assist in the fix – in the meantime, free buses have been deployed to fill the gap.

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