Rs 3 lakh: A Comfortable bike to replace my Yamaha R15 V3

Confused between the Honda CB300R, Suzuki Gixxer 250 and the KTM 250 Adventure.

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Hello BHPians, need your help with my next motorcycle purchase

Short story:

As the title says, I’m planning to sell my R15 v3 to buy a motorcycle with a more upright riding stance for weekends and longer rides

Brief story:

Always wanted a Yamaha R15 ever since the v2 was released in 2011, but mum and dad had other ideas and got me a duke 200 which I immediately fell in love with after taking the first ride.

46,000km and 4 years later, got my first job and frequent visits to KTM svc made me change the motorcycle and got my childhood dream, the R15 v3(initially was sceptical as it felt like a downgrade, but after a short test drive, immediately bought it)

15,000km and 2.5 years later, after thoroughly enjoying the motorcycle enough and even though I’m completely satisfied with the city/highway performance, after-sales and service, I’ve planned to change again to a more comfortable motorcycle as the riding stance is keeping me from riding outside the city (100+ km).

My requirements:

A motorcycle that costs within Rs 3 lakhs OTR having upright riding stance, short-stroke motor, the engine that can comfortably cruise at 100-120 km/h preferably under 6.5k RPM

Motorcycles not interested in:

  • TVS RR310 – One test ride, lost all interest, little vibey and almost like a sports tourer stance, also unreasonable cost of spares(BMW effect?)
  • Bajaj Dominar 400 – Haven’t ridden, Is the long term reliability good as I’m planning to keep my upcoming purchase for a very long term
  • RE Interceptor 650 – Haven’t ridden, long-stroke engine, tube-spoke tyres and basic everything-else are keeping me off this one
  • BMW G 310 GS – Haven’t ridden, High cost of maintenance and lack of spares readily(based on reviews) is making me uncomfortable to consider this one though the motorcycle in itself suits my requirements

Motorcycles in mind: Yamaha FZ-25, Honda CB300R, Suzuki Gixxer 250, KTM Adventure 250

  • Yamaha FZ-25: Practical and simple motorcycle, felt nice in the city(couldn’t take the test drive to the highway), the cost to buy and ownership is very less but lack of a 6th gear makes me question it’s cruiseability at 100kmph and also if it has any reserve power at such speeds for any highway overtake.
  • Honda CB300R: Haven’t ridden but Looks retro-modern, bulletproof engine bored out of cbr250r, comfy seats, enough power to comfortably cruise with more power on tap for comfortable overtakes but I’m assuming it will be much costlier than FZ-25(BS4 was CKD and was priced close to 3L OTR, Honda confirmed this time that it will be made in India and prices will be announced next month, but still due to inflation, I expect this one to definitely cost around and if not higher than the BS4 model)
  • Suzuki Gixxer 250: Haven’t ridden but based on the reviews I see that it basically overcomes the shortcoming of FZ-25 with a 6th gear and more fun to ride motorcycle alike the KTMs but haven’t seen many Suzuki motorcycles recently much on-road apart from the scooters and not sure about the service quality and cost of ownership
  • KTM Adventure 250: Haven’t ridden but having owned a KTM before, is making me consider this one as it’s basically a jacked-up Duke 250 but long term reliability with my experience earlier is questioning this one too, though recently I am seeing lots of KTMs with more than 50k on the odo doing just fine

Questions and clarifications:

The heart is bleeding Honda red, Brain is bleeding Yamaha blue and the Austrian orange is somewhere in-between.

Here’s what BHPian mithun had to say on the matter:

FZ-25 is more or like in a commuter territory. This is based on my experience with my bro’s FZ-25 which had clocked 20,000+ km.

Why not consider the KTM Duke 250?


  • Refinement + slick gear shifts
  • 7500 KMS service interval
  • Cheaper service
  • More power and 6 gears
  • 30-35 km/l.


  • Expensive.

…but this costs <3 lakhs OTR and is having upright riding stance, short-stroke motor and an engine that can comfortably cruise at 100-120kmph under 6.5k RPM

Here’s what BHPian Rama Naveen had to say on the matter:

Yamaha FZ25 – any given day.

Been riding the bike for a year and I love it.

Yes, it can comfortably cruise at 100 km/h and things I love on this bike are:

  • Torque
  • Suspension
  • Mileage
  • Style

The bike keeps you happy in City and I use it to drop my kids at school.

A few mods which I have done are:

  • Fork Raiser
  • Back seat to support my kids or pillion rider
  • Handle Bar Riser
  • Aftermarket less weight Exhaust
  • Aftermarket lights ( as stock ones are hopeless)

I have completed a round trip from Hyderabad to Shirdi (solo) – a total of 1,270 km.

I used Motul 10W50 and it’s splendid.

I definitely get 40 km/l in the city and highway.

FZ25 is value for money as opposed to the Suzuki Gixxer or KTMs as it’s pocket friendly in terms of maintenance too.

Here’s what BHPian VW2010 had to say on the matter:

Save up a bit more and jump into KTM 390 ADV. It is loaded with tech and a brilliant machine in all aspects. Do not rush through the decision and see if you can cut expenditure for a few months and save up, to properly jump to a better machine and slightly better class. With a 3l budget-saving up for another 1l should be a goal that you should relish to take up and jump guns to 390 ADV.

If it’s urgent check the Bajaj Dominar. Very potent 390 engine in a comfortable package. It looks stunning, especially the green colour and the engine is all but the KTM 390. The bike can tour and is very comfortable as well.

Here’s what BHPian PrasannaDhana had to say on the matter:

A perfect upgrade to a Yamaha R15 is a KTM RC390. But you want an upright riding position.

If I were you I would either pick the Duke 390 or Interceptor 650. Both are fun to ride and are great mile munchers.

The Yamaha FZ25 is a brilliant cruiser too, but there will be no tangible difference in performance over the R15. It is a practical bike, nowhere close to “exciting”.

Even better than all these will be a used bS4 R3. Excellent cruiser!

The 6th cog does matter when you intend to cruise long distances. Doing 100 km/h at a 1000 rpm lesser engine speeds (than 5 speed) is always welcome – lower NVH and better fuel efficiency.

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