Road ban on goods-carrying vehicles for CNY 2023 –

The usual practice of banning goods-carrying vehicles from the roads during peak festival periods is back this Chinese New Year. The rational behind this is that the big lorries are slow, and their presence during peak festival periods will add to congestion.

The transport ministry and JPJ have announced that the road ban for goods-carrying vehicles will be from January 20 to 21, which is before CNY, and from January 24-25, which is after the public holidays. The move also reduces the risk of accidents, MoT says.

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There are three categories of heavy vehicles with varying ban periods – Category 1 is a full ban, Category 2 lorries are banned from midnight to 8am, and Category 3 construction vehicles are from 6pm to 6am within a 25 km radius. See the image above for the detailed description of the type of goods-carrying vehicles.

Not all lorries are banned though, just very heavy ones. Commercial vehicles carrying goods that are not specifically mentioned in the chart above are allowed to use the roads as normal during the ban period.

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