Pre-worshipped car of the week: Used Ford Endeavour (2nd-gen)

Ford really hit it out of the park with this 2nd-generation Endeavour. Not only is it a sales success regularly selling ~500 / copies a month, but it also has a lot of fans on Team-BHP. Earlier this year, Ford introduced a new 2.0-litre diesel & 10-speed AT in the car. While the gearbox is vastly superior to the old AT, the engine isn’t. Neither is it offered in the higher-spec twin-turbo version like international markets. This is one of the reasons for the older 3.2-litre cars holding their value in the used car market. Our Official Review describes the 2.0 as ‘adequate’ and the 3.2 as ‘impressive’.

• A big all-rounded SUV with no real deal breaker. 3.2’s capability matches SUVs twice as expensive!
• Pre-owned is the only way you’ll get that lovely 197 BHP 3.2L diesel
• Macho styling packs appeal. Solid build quality matches the butch presence
• Cabin is a nice place to be in. Likeable design, comfy seats & lots of storage
• Great balance between ride & handling for a body-on-frame SUV. Sweet steering too
• Offroad ready – Terrain Management System, rear diff lock, 225 mm GC & 800 mm of water wading
• 5 star safety: all wheel disc brakes, ESP & TC, 7 airbags, roll stability control, hill launch assist etc.
• Loaded to the gill with features! Panoramic sunroof, 10-speaker ICE, parallel park assist, powered tailgate, xenon headlamps, triple-zone climate control & more
• Endeavour owners have reported good reliability with their steeds

• Fortuner’s cabin is roomier, offering more headroom & space at the back
• Missing essentials such as steering reach adjustment, passive keyless entry & go, tumbling middle row seat & third row seat recline
• The smaller 2.2L diesel feels lethargic over 120 kph. Even the new 2.0L is strictly “adequate”
• Mediocre fuel economy due to the fat 2,200+ kilo weight, AT & big diesel (3.2L)
• Some owners have found its large size to be too cumbersome in the city
• Ingress is difficult for the elderly / short folk. 3rd row access is terrible!
• Manual gearbox availability is limited. The Fortuner 2.8L 4×4 is available with an MT
• Later models suffered annoying feature deletions (e.g. headlamp washers, gear position backlight)
• A bit uncertain of how the long-term after-sales will be, with the Mahindra-Ford JV

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Mod Potential:
Terrific. Lots of mod options from tyre upgrades to snorkels, offroading enhancements to aesthetics, remaps etc. It’s a popular seller in India & abroad, so you’ll get ample after-market support. 

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Quite reasonable because it’s a successful model. However, availability isn’t as high as you would expect because of 3 reasons = First, since this model is just 4.xx years old, expect the supply to improve once more examples cross the 5 – 6 year (age) mark. Two = whatever example hits the used market moves fast as this car has a lot of fans. Three = Owners are holding onto their Endeavours for longer as it’s a capable car that ages well. Check out the examples on sale – link.

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