Police to use CCTV to catch overspeeding vehicles on E-way

The Highway Police in charge of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway have come up with a new way to catch overspeeding vehicles, which includes comparing footage of the CCTV cameras installed at the two toll booths.

Using the CCTV footage, the police will monitor the time taken by a vehicle to cover the distance between the toll booths. The Urse and Khalapur toll booths are 50 km apart and the average time required to cover this distance at the set speed limit should be around 37 minutes.

This means, vehicles that cross the two toll plazas in less than 37 minutes would have broken the speed limit. Using the new system, the police will identify the overspeeding vehicles and will issue an e-challan to the offenders.

Overspeeding is said to be the primary cause of accidents on the expressway. If the pilot project is successful, the Highway Police could introduce the system on National Highways in a phased manner.


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