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The cops latch on fast to viral videos of road misdemeanours these days, and the one where a rude biker was standing on the Temiang-Pantai road and reacted aggressively to a car’s horn, is now being investigated after spreading online yesterday.

Seremban district police chief Nanda Maarof said early investigations show that the incident took place on the same day that the 11-second video was taken, which was yesterday afternoon. A group of motorcyclists stopped and parked their machines on the Jalan Temiang-Pantai emergency lane, and dashcam footage show one of them appearing to throw an object towards the camcar after the car driver sounded his horn.

“Based on the recording, an investigation is ongoing to identify the offender. The case is being investigated under Section 48(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for obstruction on the road,” he said today, reported by Utusan Malaysia. He added that any party who has information on the case can contact the investigating officer, inspector Fadzilah, at 016-2895801.

“PDRM is always monitoring and performing enforcement on hotspots, especially on Jalan Temiang-Pantai, to ensure that no rule breaking happens. The police would like to remind all parties to be responsible and ensure the safety of all road users,” he said.

For those passing through this scenic stretch of “New Zealand road”, please go slow and be extra alert. It’s stray humans and not animals that you need to be worried about here. Parking and hanging out on the emergency lane is also illegal, by the way.

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