New Moke available to order now

Production begins today at Fablink Group in the UK, priced from £24k

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, September 22, 2021 / Loading comments

Those that can remember as far back as last September might remember the Moke’s reveal, a resurrection of the iconic Mini of the same name. Back then plans were modest, with just a few being assembled in France as the Moke brand made its first steps. Well today comes some good news: not only are more Mokes being made, but they’re being also built in Britain.

Fablink Group in Northamptonshire is a Tier 1 supplier, and with 500,000 square foot of production space it ought to be able to squeeze a few Mokes in. The move to get the entire process into the UK has been made possible, says Moke, by government funding from the Niche Vehicle Network, and a trade deal that gives UK automotive companies tariff-free access to EU markets. Apparently, there’s been some demand from those close to the coast…

Despite the change of production location, the same Moke will be assembled as was announced last year. So it’s powered by a rather anaemic 67hp, 1.1-litre four-cylinder, which is linked to a four-speed automatic gearbox (a manual is available). Those eyeing one up for a town runaround be aware, too – the Moke only meets Euro 4 emissions standards, so may not long be eligible for ULEZ zones. And it only does 34mpg…

But it’s hard to care about the prosaic stuff when presented with a car that looks like this, carrying surfboards to the beach. It’s the idyllic Moke lifestyle, as desirable now as it was half a century ago. As part of the relaunch, a Military Spec has been devised with colour matched wheels and “military-themed design features”. It all harks back to one of Issigonis’ briefs for the first one, which was to create a vehicle robust enough to be chucked out of a plane for operations behind enemy lines. Though it won’t be pressed into that kind of service this time around, a military Moke does look kind of funky.

Because they all do, don’t they? It doesn’t take much imagination to picture a brilliant day at the seaside with a Moke, wind in the hair and sun on your face. Perhaps the reality in the UK might be a tad different, but it remains a nice daydream. Moke says “indicative pricing” starts at £20k, with taxes and delivery excluded, which isn’t exactly a snip. But when the numbers come in and you relocate to the coast, there’ll be nothing better for the journey from cottage to beach hut.

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