My dissatisfying experience buying a brand new Toyota Fortuner

I have bought many Suzukis, Fords, GMs, Renaults and Hondas in the past, that too a lesser value car, but never experienced this type of behaviour from a company.

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Booked the Fortuner 4×2 Automatic during 15th May 2022. Delivery was promised by Aug-Sep. Managed to get some influence and got it despatched from TKM on 20th July. Though the dealer, Galaxy Toyota, Dwarka, New Delhi offered delivery on 28th July, due to outstation trips from office, month end sales pressure and lack of auspicious day, took delivery on 04th August only. Faced various issues which made me to realise why Toyota is not able to do numbers despite being in India for more than 20+ years. They lack the human touch and customer-centric approach. Will explain few of them. In the meanwhile see the pic during the delivery. It was a heavy rainy day at Delhi, the 04th August 2022.

I have faced a few issues buying a car first time from Toyota stable which made me realise why such a good company/product in India plays a third of fourth fiddle always, and has to go behind Suzuki to help them do the numbers to stay relevant in our country even after 20+ years.

I have bought in the past many Suzukis, Ford, GM, Renault, Honda that too for a lesser value car, but never experienced this type of behaviour from a company. Despite being a customer that spends 45+ Lakhs to buy a Toyota, the way Toyota or its dealers treat you leaves a lot to be desired, to be polite in making that statement.

  • They take you for granted that you come to their showroom which sells the best car in the country and therefore, there is no brochure, display car or a trained sales person required to attend to a customer. You walk into an empty showroom with 1-2 staff sitting and checking their respective mobile phones and an Urban cruiser and Hylex on display.
  • You want a Fortuner, no display car. Reason – It is selling on waiting period and therefore it is not possible to keep one. Test Drive? Leave your mobile no. We will let you know when we can arrange it, entire Delhi has only one vehicle for a test drive.
  • Your variant? You must be joking to insist that you want to see your variant. It is not possible. You may go to the workshop and if you are lucky, an old car that came for service can be seen. Here too, the showroom in Dwarka, New Delhi doesn’t have a service set-up. I have to go to Moti Nagar.
  • Brochure? No Chance. Go to the website. All that you get is a price list where every possible additions are added, totaled and no discussion or negotiation is possible on what to take and what not to take.
  • You want to book one? 14-16 weeks waiting period. Pay 1 Lakh and go. Don’t waste their precious time since you are a lesser mortal who has no option but Fortuner in their mind.
  • No help or assistance about any possible date of delivery. I was lucky that I could get a source who could help me pushing the delivery a bit and gott mine despatched by 20th July. The day they got the news that my ordered car is allotted, frantic calls from Dealership started for making full payment immediately. I had to say not to bother me so many times and I would make the payment before the car arrives. But got a threatening SMS saying that if you don’t pay within 3 days, the car will be re-allotted to someone else. I got furious and went to the showroom and dared them to re-allocate to whomsoever they want. That is when they checked and realised that car was allotted to my order by TKM themselves and they can’t do anything about it.
  • One more issue when I went to the showroom to know the exact amount of payment to be made. I told them that I didn’t want the insurance from them at 1.73 Lakhs premium as I could easily get at 0.90 Lakhs from outside market matching all the benefits including “Return to Invoice” which they keep projecting as an exclusive benefit. The SA told me that he has to check whether they are interested in selling the car to me or not if Insurance is not taken from them. Only when they realised that the car is allotted by TKM and not by them their behavior changed and they agreed to whatever I demanded. Very sad how they treat the hapless customers and fleecing them.
  • I made the full payment on 28th but told them that I would take delivery on 04th August only. In the meantime thought of deciding on accessories. TEAM-BHPians in this thread mentioned the costs outside. Therefore, decided to take only electrical accessories from the showroom and the rest from outside. Searched the website links and realised Galio and GFX are the best ones. Called them up and they suggested me to come directly to their shops at Kashmere Gate to get the best prices. It is indeed so. For example, the Door cladding which is 18K to 22K at the showroom and 5.5K with online sites, I could get for 4K at Kashmere Gate. Will share a separate list showing the price differences of various accessories.
  • Among the accessories selected for showroom fitting, half of them are not available in stock with them. I am still waiting for Auto-closing ORVM and Rear and Front Underrun ordered.
  • Took delivery on 04th Aug. There was no knowledgeable person available in the showroom who could give me a demo of all functions and to explain the features of the car. Apple Car play didn’t connect. One guy came to help. But he said he knew only Android Auto. But even that didn’t connect. Miracast didn’t work. Since it was raining heavily, I decided to come some other day to get these things resolved. But repeated visits till today did not resolve Apple Car Play and Miracast issues.
  • As if the above woes are not sufficient, I couldn’t download the user manual as there was a mismatch of mobile no. They claim that the system picks up some random no. first and after updation by dealer, it takes 10 days for the correct mobile no. to appear. How do Toyota expect one to use the car without a manual for initial 10 days? User Manual should be the first thing to be given along with a new product. How come they get everything wrong at Toyota?
  • Now after waiting for 3 days for the issues to be resolved, I wrote to Toyota customer care at [email protected]. I got a call back today and the CS executive is asking me whether I have given a customer feedback or if is it to be taken as a request or complaint? . Now I am holding my head and sitting. I am attaching the copy of mail sent.

Now I realised something my brother advised me. He suggested me to go for Audi or BMW at this price level. He said that Fortuners don’t project a suaveness. Fortuner is nothing but arrogance. I didn’t realise when he said this initially. Now I am realising that entire supply chain of Toyota is nothing but arrogance. Now I started thinking maybe they serve mostly to such customers and have become one of them.

Mail copy attached. I leave it to your judgment whether it is a feedback or complaint.

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