Mercedes C63 AMG: Putting different tyres at the front & back

The car in question is a W205 C63s. The front tyres are 245/35/R19 and rears are 265/35/R19. Also, the Pilot Sport 4S is not the same as the Pilot Sport 4.

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A query for the experts and non-experts to share their views on running new Michelin Super Sport fronts with a new pair of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on rears.

In this part of the world, I am unable to find 4 pieces of Michelin PS4S in the required sizes. My car came with the Michelin Super Sport on all fours. However, as per customer feedback and online expert opinion, the PS4S is a much better tyre then the Super Sport. I consider myself an enthusiastic driver and my car will love any improvement in grip.

It is a W205 C63s. The front tyres are 245/35/R19 and rears are 265/35/R19. Also, the Pilot Sport 4S is not the same as the Pilot Sport 4. The 4S is a performance tyre while the 4 isn’t.

I am planning to remain with factory staggered setup and sizes.


Here’s what BHPian Vikram Arya had to say on the matter:

I can understand your frustration on not being able to source the PS4S tires in the size you require however mixing tires of differing tread pattern (on front and rear axle) even if slightly is not recommended. Yes PS4S is a superior tire as compared to Super Sports however if you are not tracking your car I don’t see why should you not cast your net wide and consider other brands in view of their poor availability.

There are two major criteria in my limited knowledge that should determine the choice of tires and that is handling characteristics and hydroplaning resistance.

Unfortunately, both of these tires differ quite a lot in their ability to displace water on the tarmac as well as how they handle on dry/wet surfaces.

PS4S has an asymmetrical tread pattern and has a lower contact patch thus lower rolling resistance, and has broader voids which results in better hydroplaning resistance but fewer sipes thus poor grip on wet (not waterlogged) surfaces.

Super Sports also has an asymmetrical tread design (though different then the PS4S), forms a broader contact patch thus higher rolling resistance, and has a higher number of sipes thus great handling on both dry and wet surfaces but relatively narrower voids/grooves which results in comparatively poor hydrolplaning resistance

As can be seen, PS4S and Super Sport both differ quite a bit on these important parameters, and thus mixing them is best avoided.

As for availability, I’m told Pirelli P Zero Corsa is available in quite a lot of sizes such as (245/35R20 & 275/30R20 as an example, and also the set up on one of my cars).

Hope this helps.

Here’s what BHPian ajmat had to say on the matter:

As long as the same type of tyre is on the same axle and you are not driving on extreme, you are okay.

Have you considered Continental tyres?

Here’s what BHPian akshay1234 had to say on the matter:

I don’t think it should be a major issue, as each of the axles has the same tyres. Considering the availability issue in India, I think its ok to go ahead, even though it may not be ideal. But functionally you won’t face any issue.

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