Malaysia proposes single clearance system at Causeway to reduce congestion at JB-SG crossing –

The Causeway jam is a daily reality for many who commute daily to Singapore from Johor, two times a day, five days a week. Hours on the road before actual work starts sounds like a pain; then again, there’s always a price to pay for everything, and these Johor residents cum Singapore workers are the forex champions of the world.

Anyway, to ease congestion at the world’s busiest land crossing, Malaysia has proposed a single clearance system, where clearance would only be done on either side of the border, once.

“This means Singapore’s immigration officers will be stationed at our checkpoints in Johor to clear people entering the republic, while Malaysian immigration personnel will be deployed in Singapore to clear those entering Malaysia,” Johor works, transportation and infrastructure committee chairman Mohamad Fazli Mohamad Salleh told The Star.

“This proposal is still at the initial stages. This will be similar to the system that will be used when the Rapid Transit System operations begin in 2026,” he added.

The daily reported that during the recent visit of PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the island state, Johor MB Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi appealed for the traffic situation at the Causeway to be brought under control, saying that daily commuters, which number around 150,000, have to face great inconvenience. The MB said that the majority of daily Johor-SG commuters had to get up at 4am to queue at the JB border checkpoint by 5am, and return late at night.

Single clearance system aside, Fazli, who heads a multi-agency taskforce looking into reducing border congestion, said the southern state was seeking additional funds to increase motorcycle lanes. There’s also a proposal for lorry lanes to be used for passenger traffic during weekends.

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