Mahindra Scorpio N interior & exterior: Opinion of an old Scorpio owner

It is a very good SUV but until I test drive it, I’m not going to cancel my XUV700 AWD booking.

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Mahindra Scorpio N interior & exterior impressions

Reading and watching car reviews is one thing, while first-hand experiencing a vehicle is another.

Just checked out the Mahindra Scorpio N at the showroom. After the showroom was closed to the public, the Scorpio N and XUV700 were standing side by side.

  • New Scorpio is a mighty imposing SUV. A lot like the Alturas but perhaps better looking. A lot like those American trucks.
  • Rear view is much better to look at in person. Although, I wish the designers went the ‘Full Monty and exactly copied off Volvo XC90 in all its glory. Would have been worth it. Still, looks really good in person, especially in Black.
  • The less that is said about the 3rd row, the better it is. It is not worth mentioning. Sliding 2nd row is a no-brainer in this price segment.
  • Fold the 3rd-row seats and there is only room for 2 full-size check-in baggage. And perhaps 2-3 carry-on baggage stacked on top of those. But, while adding those carry-ons, the rear visibility will go for a toss. It’s as if Mahindra has a deal with the Airlines for baggage allowance. “23kg +23 kg + 7 kg. Ok, +7kg. That’s it.”

I am waiting for a comparo with the Fortuner in the luggage department. “Asli test”. A la Rachit Hirani style of MotorOctane. Matt Watson, anyone?

On a side note, XUV700 will be no better. Perhaps the exactly similar amount of luggage capacity, but it is a small class of vehicle. Not the Big Daddy. At least, you get a flatter floor while folding 2nd-row seats. In the Scorpio N, you can’t fold the 2nd row efficiently at all.

  • My driver is barely 5’11 and he had trouble sitting on the passenger side. Headroom was a major issue for him. Had just about 2 finger room at best. I asked him to check the front passenger seat headroom in XUV700 standing next to us. He had an easy 3 fingers on there. Crazy, isn’t it. We tried different combinations but eventually resigned to the fact that this monster of a vehicle has less headroom in front. That was a wow moment.
  • Steering felt a little smallish but I guess will have a better idea while driving.

Overall, at least before test driving the Scorpio N, I am in no hurry to cancel my XUV700 AWD booking. I felt many of the other aspects covered in our ‘Team’ review were spot on.

All in all, as many have pointed out, the Scorpio N is a very good SUV, just not a complete SUV. Not yet, perhaps, not in this generation.

Yet, IMHO, a 5-seater Scorpio N with a flat loading area, could/would be a much better proposition.

  • Ah, yes, the interior design and quality is good enough for our conditions. While you will worry about XUV700’s interior getting dirty, Scorpio N’s seemed abuse friendly in a nice way. Quite likeable and liveable. Wife says, she loved the color combination of the interior and insists I should mention it in bold.
  • Loved the analog dials with the digital screen. The plastic cover wasn’t so upto the mark.
  • And oh so bad camera quality. But, in my experience with my current Scorpio, we can replace it with an aftermarket HD camera, and get marvellous results on the same screen.

Well, if after the test drive I go ahead and book it, it means I have figured out a way to make this a 5-seater and get that flat loading floor.

By the way, has anyone felt that Scorpio N is what the Tata Safari Storme would have looked like had there been a Safari Storme N?

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