Lamborghini Essenza SCV12: The 830-HP Track Car Owners Can’t Bring Home

Lamborghini is seeking the attention of the world’s wealthy gentlemen and gentlewomen racers with its new Essenza SCV12 track car. Limited to 40 units, the Essenza SCV12 allows customers to enter what Lamborghini deems an “exclusive club. “

Of course, any owner of a rare car is arguably part of an exclusive club, but the Essenza SCV12 packs perks not often associated with automobile ownership. After all, this is a tried-and-true track car, and Lamborghini won’t have Essenza SCV12 owners use it in any other way.

That’s because purchasing an Essenza SCV12 also nets entry to regular drive events at various FIA Grade 1 circuits. Alas, Lamborghini didn’t share the individual tracks it plans to host events at, the first of which occurs in 2021.

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Putting the “V-12” in SCV12

Piloting the Essenza SCV12 certainly promises to be a memorable experience. Credit the car’s naturally aspirated V-12 engine, which Lamborghini claims packs more than 830 hp. 

Parlaying that power to the Essenza SCV12’s rear wheels is a six-speed gearbox, which also serves as a structural component of the hypercar’s chassis. Sticky Pirelli slicks mount to 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels and work with a pushrod rear suspension setup and Brembo Motorsport-developed brake rotors and calipers to help this ludicrous Lambo manage high G forces—whether it’s clipping apexes or slamming on the binders. 

Essenza-ly a Race Car Inside

Predictably, the Essenza SCV12’s cabin reflects its race-car-like sensibilities. As such, the driver sits on an OMP-sourced seat with a lightweight carbon-fiber shell and faces a Formula 1-like steering wheel where most of the car’s controls and displays live. A driver-oriented center stack houses the car’s other controls. 

Lamborghini is mum on how much it plans to charge buyers to own and track an Essenza SCV12, but one thing’s for certain: the brand has no plans to let owners take their track toy home. Instead, Lamborghini will store the lot of Essenza SCV12s in a hangar built specifically for the cars in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. (This approach may sound crazy, but it’s not much different from Ferrari’s program for certain track-only XX models, such as the FXX K.) The facility includes personalized garage spaces for each individual vehicle and 24-hour webcams, which owners can view via a dedicated app.

That’s right, Lamborghini offers Essenza SCV12 owners the chance to view their proverbial babies by way of—what essentially amounts to—a nanny cam. Then again, what sort of wealthy automotive enthusiast wouldn’t want to keep a regular eye on their rare Lamborghini Essenza SCV12?


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