Lamborghini Chops Top off of Supercapacitor Supercar Sian

Sometimes we think that it’s mean. Lamborghini teasing us with a new car that’s sold out even before we knew it existed. But then we look at beasts like this Sian Roadster and all is forgiven. Except for the puddle of drool on our keyboards, of course.

It’s the convertible version of Lamborghini’s Sian, the V12 and supercapacitor-powered hypercar that has the company’s most powerful engine ever. 819 hp with 34 of those coming from the 48V electric motor that’s installed in the transmission. On top of going fast, the e-motor lets the car reverse and park using electric power. Less dramatic, less hassle.

Like the hardtop, this one gets Lambo’s supercapacitor that stores 10 times the power of a lithium-ion battery and can discharge it even more quickly than a battery can.

The Sian Roadster also has all of the outrageous detailing that is synonymous with the automaker. Towering rear wing, edges that could cut like infomercial knives, and six stand-alone taillights that are some of the coolest lamps anywhere.  The difference is that this one doesn’t have a roof, and no, there doesn’t appear to be one to pop on later. Better check the weather forecast before heading out. On the other hand, if you’re on the list for one of these, you can probably stop the rain from falling instead.

Just 19 Sian Roadsters will be built, all of the 220 mph monsters already sold. They’ll be customized for their owners by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam department and the Centro Stile that selected the new Blu Uranus paint of the photo car.

Will you ever see one on the road? Unless you’re somewhere like Dubai, probably not. But, like with so many raging bulls over the decades, we’ll keep hoping to spot one in the ring.

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