Jaguar Will Now Sell You a Brand-New XK Straight-Six Engine Block for Your E-Type

Jaguar announced yesterday it will restart production of its legendary XK straight-six, the engine responsible for powering many of its iconic cars from the Fifties and Sixties. Built to the exact specifications as the original, blocks are priced from £14,340 each (around $18,000).

According to the British manufacturer, these cast-iron blocks serve as direct replacements for the 3.8-liter XK straight-sixes found in the XK150, XK150 S, Mk IX, Mk 2, Mk X, E-Type Series 1, and S-type. If you’re able to provide proof of vehicle ownership, you can even have the factory stamp your car’s original engine serial number on the new unit, though it’ll come with an asterisk marking it as a replacement.

It’s not just the engine block you get for your 18 grand, either. Buyers also receive a 12-month Jaguar parts and accessories warranty, as well as a certificate of authenticity from Jaguar Classic. The company notes that the warranty won’t cover any issues if you use your replacement vintage Jaguar block to go racing.

While we’re happy Jaguar is taking the initiative to keep its vintage metal on the road, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the majority of these blocks sold turned into coffee tables—they are pretty to look at, after all. If I had the money, that’s what I’d be thinking right now.

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