How Toyota Hyryder made me a more sedate driver in 1 month

Somehow I have started trying to be in the EV mode or to extract maximum fuel efficiency.

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Change in my driving style

I have been driving Toyota Hyryder strong hybrid V variant for the last month and have completed 1200 km. I have observed that I have started driving more sedately, intentionally to extract the maximum possible fuel efficiency.

As a background for my daily driving conditions, my office is 20 km from my home. In the morning, there is free-flowing traffic on Mumbai’s eastern express highway with an average speed of 50 kmph. In the evening, traffic is comparatively slow-paced.

My annual running for the last 10 years of driving has been between 10k to 12k with 90% running within city limits. AC is running 100% of the time.

Earlier, I used to accelerate or brake fairly aggressively to keep up with the flow of traffic. I am by no means a quick driver, who tailgates the vehicle in front of me. But if a space opens up, I would not hesitate to take it. I used to get 11 kmpl to 12 kmpl then on my Duster. On my Alto, I used to get 15 kmpl to 16 kmpl in similar driving conditions / driving patterns.

Now that I have been driving a hybrid vehicle, it seems the car itself pushes me to be a conservative / frugal driver.

Somehow, I have started trying to be in EV mode or to extract maximum fuel efficiency. Even if a space opens up, I try to accelerate gradually.

As of now, I am getting overall fuel efficiency of 20.5 kmpl in city traffic. Trying to push that number to 21 and then to 22. A few days back, came across a youtube video about the “pulse and glide” method of driving Hybrids. Have tried it a few times, although felt difficult to master so far.

Would like to know about FE numbers of other strong hybrid owners driving in the city.

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