How my life changed after I was hit by a speeding Bolero while walking

Due to the worsening vital signs, my left limb below the knee had to be amputated.

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Hello BHPians,

As you all know, I suffered a major accident. Should I call it the road one, since it was not a road but rather a mountain trail, where I was hit by an out-of-control and speeding Bolero pickup while walking down the road.

It happened in Uttarakhand, around Jim Corbett National Park, where I had gone with my close friends for a reunion. I was picked up and resuscitated by my friends and taken to an army base hospital, Delhi. I was operated upon there and due to worsening vital signs, finally, with my consent, my left limb, below the knee had to be amputated.

I spent forty days in the hospital. My stump needed reexploration a few times and finally completely healed with reluctance, after about a week from discharge. My rehabilitation in terms of the affected limb had already started at the hospital and when I was discharged I could walk a little bit with the support of an elbow stick using a temporary limb prosthesis. As I had a left shoulder fracture also, I was operated on again once I had stabilised before the discharge and the shoulder was internally fixed. This also made my rehab a bit difficult too as I could not take support of the shoulder of the dominant side, while doing any chores or simply trying to walk.

During my stay in the hospital, my mood remained stable and I was pretty upbeat as well, with the dominant thought that what happened was God’s will and I had to accept it and thank Him to spare my life or damage to some vital organs. My close family members were always around and friends, relatives, people from the workplace, and acquaintances either paid visits to me or kept in touch. Also, my post here generated some sincere and well-meaning advice, kind words and prayers. I was surprised to learn that a few kind words make so much of an impact when a person is down and out. Thank you, everyone!

The day, I was discharged, I started feeling a bit down under, as perhaps I had settled into a routine in the hospital or it might have been the anxiety of facing the world in my altered state, though I am not sure. After meeting my ailing mother, who is, unfortunately, bedridden and almost comatose at Aligarh, for a day, I shifted to Pune along with my wife and daughter. The plan was further rehabilitation at Artificial Limb Centre, Army, while staying with my family. The initial few days were very tough physically, as every otherwise routine activity for me was an entirely a new one but with the active support of my better half, slowly things started falling into place and now I can proudly say that I can take care of myself almost completely for my daily chores.

Here again, my mental state kept oscillating between being confident and stable to feeling a bit helpless and wondering how would I fare in life. My days were better, with myself being busy with my exercise but evenings were difficult, both physically due to neuropathic and phantom pains as well as emotionally.

As I was well aware that I had only one direction to go that is forward, I persisted with the routine and things started easing slowly but definitely. I found each passing day to be better than the last one in every way and three days back finally I reached the state where for the first time I felt like getting up early, putting on the prosthesis, finish my chores all by myself without disturbing my wife. Then I went out and moved in and around the lawn, looked at the flowers, and searched for some new birds in the trees. I felt like my original, old myself raring to go out in the world again. My so-called handicap, no longer worried me unduly as I had realised that I needed to accept it as a part of my new reality. I also had the self-assurance that as the child learns to walk on two legs slowly, I also would be able to adjust to my new physical state successfully, of course, God willing. Since then you all will be happy to know that life is on the uptick.

The permanent prosthesis is coming my way in a few days too, which would definitely make my progress faster, easier and more comfortable than ever before. I forgot to mention that I also have taken to myself to teach my daughter some mathematics every day too, taking the advantage of staying with her for an extended period of time finally.

On the legal front, I have been trying to get the FIR registered but have found it difficult so far, primarily due to my being not there. I have not given up and I am hopeful that it would be done in a few days. I have also decided to take the help of a local lawyer and the search is on.

I have decided to keep the Jeep Compass till my rehab is complete and I am able to explore if we’re able to handle it.

Once again I am eternally thankful to my friends who played the single most important role to save my life, my wife who remained as steady as a rock, my son and daughter, who took my situation very positively, and my two brothers who were always by my side, relatives, my college seniors, juniors, teachers, colleagues, who always encouraged me and supported me.

My future plans

With this, I finish my post and update. I know, it’s still early days for me and I have a long way to go. I request everyone to keep on praying for me, providing your invaluable advice and inputs.

Thanks, everyone for patiently reading it and standing by me.

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Wish you the very best in your recovery! Pune has a very active bunch of BHPians; watch out for meets planned.

Take care, and more power to you.

Perhaps you could explore something like this? Should be easier to explore since you are now based in Pune.

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So nice to read your eloquently written post and I’m very glad to hear that life has begun looking up for you. Cheers to that!

Here is an interesting Ted talk by Dr.V.S. Ramachandran that I heard many years ago and immediately recalled when you mentioned phantom pain. Hope it may be of help.

He talks about phantom pain from 9:15.

Also great to know that you’re using this time to spend time with your daughter and helping her with learning. Do keep us updated on your progress. Wishing you the very best and hope to catch up with you when I’m in Pune next.

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