How a broken car can make you good�friends

We stayed in touch and have even done a couple of drives around Mumbai & Pune since.

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A broken car can make you good friends!!

I prefer taking my friend’s car for random drives when am in Leh. He owns a lovely Maruti 800. This happened when I was returning from Lamayuru.

I came across a Xylo that had steam coming from under the hood. Looks like the driver totally ignored checking the engine bay before he started the drive. A couple was stranded along with him.

Approached the car and spoke to the driver when I overheard the wife talking to her husband in Marathi. She was asking him to check with me if I can offer them a ride back to Leh in case I was headed there. I offered them a ride back to the guest house after helping the driver to a local garage. The couple was staying in the same guest house where I was put up.

The father of the girl called me up and invited me over for dinner when I visited Pune after returning from Leh. He & his wife thanked me multiple times for what I did. We have stayed in touch ever since and have also done a couple of drives around Mumbai and Pune.

PS: Adding a pic of the Maruti-800 that’s my companion in Leh and the one that rescued the couple.

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