Here Are the World's Most Instagrammed Cars

After last year’s title of the world’s most Instagrammed car was taken by the Ford Mustang, 2020 sees the Audi RS6 take pole position.

The executive sports saloon and wagon model is one of the finest German performance cars on the market. With a $109,000 USD asking price, a 605 BHP V8 engine, and plenty of aggressive styling cues, there’s no wonder the super-family car has topped the list this year, accumulating 5,161,000 unique mentions on Instagram.

Coming in second place is the Land Rover Range Rover with 3,448,300 mentions, which is followed by the widely popular Honda Civic with a total of 3,370,000 mentions. The Honda Civic also contributes to a wider trend, that being hatchback cars are the most Instagrammed car class, accumulating over 10 million hashtags in its field. The least Instagrammed car class is estates with just 200,000 hashtags.

Elsewhere, information from Quidco found that the top 27 most Instagrammed cars combined cost more than $1bn USD. The most expensive car on its list is the Audi R8 which as a starting price of $169,900 USD, while the cheapest is the Ford KA, which costs from approximately $12,000 USD.

You can find out more information about the world’s most Instagrammed cars on Quidco’s website.

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