Gentari DC fast charger in X Park Sunway Serene – full 350 kW output now available, priced at RM1.20/kWh –

Following the opening of the first 350 kW DC fast charger in Southeast Asia located at X Park Sunway Serene in the Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, Selangor, Gentari has revealed that the high-output DC fast charger at the location has now been configured to enable the full 350 kW rate of charge from a single charging point.

The 350 kW DC fast charger was initially configured to deliver 175 kW to each of its two CCS2 charging guns, though this has now been set up to enable an EV to benefit from the full 350 kW rate of charge.

For electric vehicles which can support this rate of DC charging such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, charging at this 350 kW rate will yield a 10-80% state of charge in just 18 minutes, or an additional 100 km of range if it is charged this way for just five minutes.

Gentari EV charging hub at X Park Sunway Serene

This does however limit DC charging from this station to one vehicle at a time, which means that a vehicle arriving at the second charging will have to wait for the first EV at the 350 kW DC charger to complete its charge before the next car can be charged here.

Charging from this 350 kW DC outlet at X Park Sunway Serene is priced at RM1.20 per kWh. According to Gentari, the full 350 kW DC output from a single charging gun is being trialled to gauge demand and usage patterns, and the trial will continue for a duration that is to be determined.

News of the 350 kW charging availability at X Park Sunway Serene came after the official opening of the Gentari EV charging hub at the Bangi Golf Resort yesterday, where 12 charging bays are offered, equally divided between DC and AC charging.

Two bays get 7 kW AC charging with four getting 22 kW AC, while on the DC side, two bays are served by a 120 kW DC charger and another four by a 200 kW DC dynamic charger. Pricing at this location is RM0.55 per kWh for AC charging, and RM1.00 per kWh for DC charging.

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